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Kofax Capture Software

Image & Content Capture

Kofax Capture

Capture any document or form into business processes and archives.

Kofax Capture...

Kofax Mobile Capture

Capture information and initiate business processes from mobile devices.

Kofax Mobile Capture...

Kofax Front Office Server

Trigger back office business processes from front office equipment.

Kofax Front Office Server...

Kofax Web Capture

Image viewing and scanning for web based applications.

Kofax Web Capture...

Kofax Transformation Modules

Classify and separate documents, and extract and validate information.

Kofax Transformation Modules...

Kofax Communication

Reliable exchange of messages among a variety of applications and devices.

Kofax Communication Server...

Kofax e-Transactions

Send and receive electronic invoices without paper.

Kofax e-Transactions...

Kofax Monitor

Monitor and analyze the performance of capture systems.

Kofax Monitor...

Kofax Express

Easy for beginners, powerful enough for pros; the Express route to document scanning.

Kofax Express...

Kofax VRS Elite

Increase scanning productivity and enhance image quality.

Kofax VRS Elite...

Kofax Support

HMB offers Kofax support packages to fit a variety of needs.

Kofax Support...

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