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Kofax Monitor

Real-time, business activity management

Kofax Monitor is application monitoring software that enables you to better manage and assess your Kofax enterprise capture or communication solution by providing real-time metrics on the operational health of your systems.

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Kofax Monitor Benefits

  • Monitor real-time capture operations
  • Meet and prove service level agreements (SLA)
  • Lower IT costs for isolating and resolving problems
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Kofax Monitor delivers answers to common service-level questions:

  • Is the Kofax Capture platform (servers, clients, related applications, databases) available?
  • Are documents being processed? If not, which specific batches are stopped at the server and in which work process?
  • Are batches remaining in the capture system beyond the expected time frames?
  • Are task levels exceeding normal processing expectations?
  • Is the system meeting its processing goals? What adjustments are needed to meet service level agreements (SLAs)?
  • What has been the system’s performance and availability? How is it performing at distributed locations?

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