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EasyLink Cloud Fax Services

Move your fax servers to the cloud with OpenText EasyLink.

EasyLink's Fax Services offers 100% outsourced solutions to business faxing. This allows organizations to get rid of the hardware, software, telecom lines, maintenance and related infrastructure associated with fax servers and traditional fax machines.

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Improve your bottom line with a fully hosted cloud fax service.

  • Automate messaging, improve productivity, and reduce cycle times while eliminating the costs and complexity of managing your own fax infrastructure
  • Facilitate compliance with today's privacy, security and records-keeping mandates

Choose the EasyLink cloud-based messaging your business needs:

  • Desktop Messaging – users send and receive faxes directly within your email account, increasing productivity by enabling you to fax to email or email to fax
  • Fax2Mail – creates digital versions of paper faxes that can be sent, received, edited, and archived directly within your email account
  • Production Messaging – sends outbound messages from your back-office systems to customers, partners, and other stakeholders for delivery as fax, EDI, email and secure email eliminating the need for middleware
  • Document Capture and Management – automates the processing of incoming forms, eliminating the need for manual rekeying and accelerating the transfer of time-critical data into your business systems
  • Workflow Services – automates the routing and management of inbound business forms, transforming the manual, unmanaged handling of inbound transactions into an automated, managed business workflow

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