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RightFax Connect

A cloud-based alternative to analog and FoIP fax lines.

RightFax Connect is a hybrid faxing solution that lets you retain ownership of your RightFax on-premise server while eliminating the need for complex connections. Instead of dealing with complex telephony management send and receive your faxes through the cloud!

This unique cloud-based solution is perfect for organizations requiring a fax server but don't have the time, energy or resources needed to manage phone lines for fax. RightFax Connect lets companies keep the data ownership and deep integration benefits that come with a RightFax server while taking advantage of the cloudd to send and receive faxes.

Get RightFax Connect for your Fax Server

How RightFax Connect Works

RightFax Connect
1 | An incoming fax is received to the cloud-enabled RightFax Connect network.
2 | RightFax Connect delivers the fax to the on-premise RightFax server via a secure connection.
3 | At the fax server, RightFax sends the fax to its intended recipient or network location.

This all-in-one solution allows you to continue to enjoy the benefits that come with a RightFax server while eliminating the need and costs associated with in-house telephony management. You'll no longer need: fax boards, telephone lines, PRI/T1/E1 lines, channels, gateways, complex PBX integrations or any other connection method for your fax server besides the cloud.

Key RightFax Connect Benefits

  • Leverages the easy, deep integrations of market-leading RightFax with the powerful simplicity of cloud-based telephony
  • Frees your valuable IT and telecommunications staff from the time-consuming burden of estimating, setting up, and operating phone lines for fax
  • Provides data sovereignty by granting you full control over your on-premise RightFax server and data-even when transmitting via the cloud

HMB can assist your organization every step of the way to integrate RightFax Fax Servers with any business application, or in integrating RightFax connect with your current fax server. And, if you don't have or need a fax server, consider OpenText EasyLink, a 100% fully hosted cloud fax service.

Our expert RightFax™/OpenText™ consultants will help you configure the best fax server setup to meet your requirements and our certified RightFax engineers can get your solution operational very quickly.

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