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Secure Mail from OpenText

Easily & securely communicate confidential information between employees, customers and partners.

Traditional email is susceptible to security breaches. Secure Mail is a cloud-based secure email solution for encrypting, tracking and preventing the loss of confidential information through email messages and attachments.

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Secure Mail App for Andriod and IOS

Secure Mail App for Andriod and IOS

This cloud-based solution will reduce IT costs and responsibilities that are required to manage and upgrade on-premises solutions and Secure Mail’s tight integration with existing email systems makes exchanging and tracking encrypted messages and files remarkably simple.

Users never have to leave their Inbox to access robust features, and also can access Secure Mail via mobile apps or through the web portal from any device.

Secure Mail Features

  • Tight integration with Microsoft Outlook® for both internal and external users
  • Supports iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices through native apps
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Comprehensive message tracking – see status of each message for each recipient
  • Data loss prevention including keyword and number pattern filtering

Delivery Slip

Secure Mail Delivery Slip

SecureMail's patented Delivery Slip, integrated with Outlook, is used to set security options and track details on a per message basis.

Security Options

  • Prevent message replies
  • Prevent message forwards
  • Password protect attachments
  • Recall messages

Tracking Options

  • Reviewed the Delivery Slip but not read the secure message
  • Decrypted and read the secure message
  • Downloaded any file attachments
  • Replied to the secure message and to whom
  • Forwarded the secure message, and to whom
  • Printed or deleted the secure message

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