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Topaz Biometric ID Pads

Electronic signature pads with integrated fingerprint sensors.

There are two options for the integrated fingerprint sensor: RF and optical. The RF sensor features active, inductive technology for accurate, reliable scans of subcutaneous skin tissue.

Alternately, the optical fingerprint sensor features high-quality, high-resolution fingerprint imaging. Biometric ID pads are bundled with the appropriate fingerprint software in addition to SigPlus.

IDGem LCD 1x5

IDGem LCD 1x5

The LCD allows users to see their signature on the pad while signing. Available with optical or RF technology.

IDGem LCD 1x5 details...

IDLite LCD 1x5

IDLite LCD 1x5

Combine Topaz’s trusted electronic signature technology with a state-of-the-art electronic fingerprint touchpad sensor.

IDLite LCD 1x5 details...

Topaz IDLite LCD 1x5

IDLite 1x5

Provides the benefits of secure biometric Topaz forensic signatures.

IDLite 1x5 details..

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